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From his home in Slovenia, young Joseph Dular escapes the continuing conflicts within his homeland to seek a new life no matter where his wanderlust may take him. From the port town of Trieste, we follow his journeys over land and sea to Cairo, Mogadishu, and into the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Because Joseph is a moral man, he is not content to be only an observer of the life around him:

(In Mogadishu) "It turns my stomach to think there may be human cargo imprisoned here, left to fend for themselves, left to die, by men who care not for the plight of another; men who see other men, other races, as cattle, or worse. I have no idea what the reaction of these people will be when I release the lock, but that is not my concern just now. To free them is all that matters. I can only hope they do not lash out at me in revenge for their imprisonment. That is a chance I am willing to take."

The story of Joseph Dular belongs to any man whose being is filled with a desire to not only explore the world beyond his own but to affect it.

The first in a planned three-part series, Joseph is a sprawling and meticulously researched novel, with the lavish description befitting of a dazzling world whose secrets were just beginning to be unraveled by European adventure-seekers of the time. It is a story for those who have -- or have not, yet --set out on their own to find what the world has to offer. Travel enriched Joseph. I took him to destinations around the world and made him the man he needed to be.

ISBN: 1-4327-1436-9
Format: 5.5x8.5 hardback
Pages: 168
SRP: $13.95
Genre: Fiction/Adventure

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