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About (Biography)

Okay, so this is where I blather about me. Granted, I do like to write, just not about me in particular. If you want to ask questions, that's alright by me. It's a little easier responding than to come up with random stuff.

A basic history of me is: I've had lots of different jobs, some fun, some jobs; grocery store, machine shops, military, construction, drafting, firefighter, cartography, surveying, and coal mining. The military is probably what initially got me interested in writing because that's what I did there. Official title: Historian. Impressive? Not really. Lots of looking through other peoples files to glean information.

From the job listing it should be obvious that I like to move around. Even if making a trip to someplace I've been before, I take different routes. Back roads are always better than direct. The less traffic, the better, too.

Joseph takes the roads less traveled so maybe that's indicative of my wanderlust.

Yep, that's me.

A little about the clan I come from: In a way, it's important because that's where the story of Joseph comes from. He was my grandfather, my father's father. I never had the chance to meet the man, but stories from within the family provided plenty of fodder for the book.

I grew up in the corn fields of northern Illinois. Because of the service I moved west, to South Dakota for a while, then Wyoming. If you've never been to that part of the world, I highly recommend the trip to either, or both.

I'm currently working on the second volume of Joseph. I've also finished the first edit of Harriet, an amazing lady who was my neighbor for many years when I lived in Wyoming. Sod huts and wagon ruts, dust bowl and dynamite, boom and bust, she lived it.

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