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      This is the cover photo for Joseph, the first of what is to be a three part saga of Joseph Dular, a Slovenian boy who leaves his homeland in search of a more promising future than what lay before him. Born in 1869, Joseph's life is that of a farmer. Not a bad life, but that of an honest working man in Eastern Europe. As he reaches his early teens, he also learns the skills of a carpenter while assisting in his father's part-time woodworking shop in the small community of Vasta Vas.
      Although not unheard of in that time, leaving home when still in your early teens was not a usual occurrence. However, Joseph felt he was "man enough" to handle any trials he would face in the outside world. So at 13 he begins his travels.
    Harriet, is currently in the final revision stage. I'm finding, as I first experienced with Joseph, that editing takes as much, if not more time to accomplish than the actual writing. I'm hoping this process improves with age, but I have my doubts.

    Harriet Reno was a neighbor of mine for many years. Her life began in the prairies of northern Illinois, but as life often dictates, things change. While still a youngster her family packed up what they could, hopped a train to Wyoming where they laid claim to a homestead for themselves on those high, windy plains.

    She, many times, told me she felt the folks who crossed the West in covered wagons must have been an extremely hardy lot. As her story unfolds you'll find the "good life" didn't come to those who followed without many a stumble along the way. The "romance" that blankets the mountains and plains of the American West was just that. The tedium that was life didn't end with the coming of the rails, they continued well into the 20th Century and in some areas still exist today.
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